About Me

Born in 1971 and raised all over England, one of six children and currently living in Cambridge. After leaving Camberwell, where I almost completed a foundation, I abandoned art altogether and concentrated instead on crafts, living in a truck in the woods and gently regenerating derelict coppice. I worked for years as a decorator and finally started painting portraits full time around the turn of the century.
My painting is decidedly native. Freud, Auerbach and Bacon are my favourite painters and I have an endless love for Ivon Hitchens. Along with motorbikes and collie dogs I have a keen interest in photography and thouroughly enjoy that element of my portrait work. I insist on starting a new commission from a fantastic photo and work hard to get just that.
I hope my paintings bring happiness for years to come and consider it an honour and a privilege to be asked to record someone in oil on canvas.