Cambridge based portrait painter.

Here are a few portfolios of my paintings. One showing completed portrait commissions and a couple of others showing landscapes and figures. While I take great care to produce a recognisable likeness in a portrait, the others are painted from my imagination. Where a portrait requires a carefully composed photograph as a starting point, lighting, pose and expression all being considered before I make a start on the canvas, my landscapes and figures evolve as experiments in light, colour and form. The two disciplines complement one another and allow me to indulge in the malleability of oil paint, to experiment with colour and discover afresh how our eyes make sense of what we see.
Although it represents a fixed moment in a subjects life, a portrait will often expose youth and old age at the same time. Clients often remark on hitherto unseen family resemblances, too. Despite a photograph being instantaneous, the process of studying and re-working a face in oil paint produces a layered and complex expression that allows us to have an encounter with the sitter. When painting landscapes this feeling of being there can be frustratingly elusive until the last brush stroke, which will suddenly render a place, half remembered and in fleeting light, fixed forever in the oil.
Portrait Painting portfolio Landscapes portfolio
Figure Studies portfolio Sold Landscapes and Figure Studies portfolio A selection of paintings that have been sold.