Landscape in progress..
20th May 2017 - 0 comments
A potential customer has been in touch wondering if I have any larger landscapes than the ones on my site. Do I paint larger canvases at all? Well, I had to have a go. I don't usually paint landscapes this big, mostly because there's so much potential to go wrong and I don't want to lose all that paint! Still, nothing ventured... I picked up a couple of canvases and a handful of house painting brushes and set to.
I'm not sure if the painting will survive, there are parts of it that don't really work and that will never do. The video will hopefully show a little of my process.

Buy one, get one free!
13th May 2017 - 0 comments
So I am starting a blog - hurrah! I hope it's entertaining or interesting to somebody out there. I've had the site for over a decade so it's about time.
Drawing commissions are a rarity for me, people tend to want paintings. The process is similar but differs in one crucial respect: Whereas with a painting, I can work for a month on one canvas and it will evolve, drawings, particularly of tiny children, have to happen quickly on the paper or they start to look overdone.
My most recent customer couldn't choose between two versions of his young daughter so I had two framed for him in return for some web development advice which was long overdue.
As a result I have a point by point plan for reaching more customers and he has a Christmas present in the bank, all framed and ready.